what inspires me? other gardeners!

So tonight after a bit of a break, one of my favorite gardener friends was back with another favorite gardener friend: David Culp of Brandywine Cottage and Jim Peterson of Garden Design. They are the dynamic duo of gardening webinars. I have been listening since they first started and haven’t missed one yet! There is a nominal fee, but I learn something new every time and there are also wonderfully comprehensive webinar notes, which means if I see a plant in a slide I want to learn more about, all I have to do is refer to the notes. These webinars are also very interactive. Where webinars from many local arboretums, etc. often lose me is the way their speakers treat us the audience. They don’t mean to be the way they are, but a certain basic human interaction is lacking. So although we can’t pipe in with our voices Jim and David and their team pay attention to questions typed in and answer them!

Garden Design also has amazing and free newsletters and a terrific website I refer to fairly often. I go to them, Fine Gardening, The Spruce, and Gardener’s World the most for online references. I also admit to having a gardening book problem, and I do love my old and often out of print gardening books.

Anyway, tonight was a trip through David’s world based upon his book The Layered Garden. When I first bought my copy a few years ago, I felt like he was speaking right to me. I had always done crazy kinds of gardens throughout my life, and he gave it a name and inspired me more. I think I have a hybrid cross between a layered garden and English/Irish cottage garden meets English inspired shade and woodland gardens….with very healthy weeds right now…..but gardens will do that!

I actually in truth don’t know quite what to call my garden exactly but I am always thankful for those who have taught me and given me inspiration. (Also a BIG nod to Jenny Rose Carey, Monty Don, Adam Frost, Irish horticulturalist Helen Dillon, and the late Suzy Bales of NY.)

In addition to the amazing horticulturalists and garden writers I have had the incredible good fortune to come to know and the ones whose books I just own, there are the home gardeners who take my breath away. They have a breadth and depth of knowledge that rivals any “professional” and I am grateful for what they also have taught me. And all of these folks home grown and more share one thing all of the time: just TRY. Digging in the dirt is literally good for you and very soul satisfying, so why not?

I am a home grown gardener, not a master gardener, botanist, horticulturalist. And yes, I have been caught gardening in my nightgown. Yes, really.

Anyway, for all the ugliness which exists in the world today, I am grateful for gardens and gardeners. Give one of these Culp-Peterson webinars a try, they are a lot of fun!

Happy Gardening!

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