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yes, sometimes I garden in my nightgown….

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…and so we begin

Thanks for joining me! This blog is all a friend’s fault. Yes Jess, it is your fault. Your marketing brain piqued my creative side this morning and voila! 

I garden a great deal. I have a gardening problem. My husband calls it an obsession. He says he grew up with a mother who was a rabid gardener and he has a wife who is a rabid gardener. His mother was a mighty fine gardener, so to me this is a compliment.

Why is this called the nightgown gardener? Well….ummm…because sometimes I garden in my nightgown. That is the benefit of living half in the woods and adjacent to farm fields. Now I can’t do this all of the time and someday I will get caught doing it and either be defiant or die of embarassment.

I will work to translate my gardening posts from my primary blog Chester County Ramblings over to here. That will take a while….I will also remind people that I created a gardening group on Facebook called Chester County Ramblings Gardening Group. I welcome gardeners from all over, but you play by my rules or you get weeded out.

So now here we go…we are off!!! I am pleased to welcome you to the nightgown gardener and gardening efforts now get their own space. Cheers!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

Puffy pink David Austin rose