communing and cavorting with nature


It certainly has been a couple of days. I was delighted to get back into my garden today. And the weather was nice. Wasn’t overly humid and wasn’t overly hot. It was just right.

I love my garden. And what was so cool today, was the realization of few years of hard work really coming to fruition.

I started this garden seriously in 2013. And things that were just beginnings of ideas in some cases, are now really taking shape.

When I fell in love with red daylilies and red coneflowers and red zinnias I thought they would clash horribly and wondered if I had done the right thing. Well today I got to see how everything works together in the garden.

Bright color, light color strong color, soft color. I keep my colors complementary for the most part. I don’t like a jarring sensation.

That’s not to say that…

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