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Houghton_AC85_B9345_911s_-_Secret_Garden,_1911_-_cover“As long as one has a garden, one has a future, and if one has a future, one is alive.” ~ Frances Hodgson Burnett 

One of my most favorite books as a child and ever isThe Secret Gardenby Frances Hodgson Burnett.  I read it over and over and saw every movie adaptation. It captured my imagination and how could you not love the idea of this secret garden full of flora and fauna tucked away?

The Secret Garden has touched the imagination of many since it’s 1911 debut.  The actual garden was based upon a garden on a property in Kent, England called Great Maytham Hall.  This book continues to spark imagination today and there is even a musical which is put on here in the US and overseas.  The Broadway show actually won three Tony awards in the 1990s.  The story of a small…

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