garden history

My woodland back gardens circa early 2000s

Every garden has it’s own history. Above is a photo I was given today by one of the former children who grew up in the home we now own. Their mom was a gardener so I love to see then and now. Above is then.

My woodland back garden. This afternoon.

The second photo is my back woodland garden taken from the same angle by me this afternoon. It is September so you can’t see the bulbs and azaleas, etc. But you can see how the trees have grown and where we removed the grass. The grass given the trees was not so much fun to grow, so we opted for wood chips. I also never knew the family who build our home had a big old bird bath, let alone one close to the location of my own bird bath.

The woods on one side of our home before the corn field. Many years ago

These photos are such an generous gift. The people we bought the house from are sharing their memories with us and I am honored and touched. They loved it here, we currently love it here.

The photos of our woods are astonishing. They have grown up and in so much. It makes me understand even more why people are so protective of open space and woodland areas.

I love seeing what our property looked like in the way back time machine. It’s very cool to me. I love seeing that our home has always been loved. First by them, and now by us.

But the most favorite photo in the batch of the old photos is the lady who used to call it home and was the resident master gardener. She passed away a few years before we bought the home, so we never had the pleasure of meeting her.

But this lady shared with me a love of gardening and apparently needlework as well. I remember reading once she belonged to the Procrastinators’ Garden Club. I think that is the most marvelous name for a garden club. I do not think it exists any longer.

Life is a journey. It has twists and turns, and if you are lucky, a few gardens. I love my garden now, but I am only the most recent steward. Hopefully some day in the far away future, someone else will love it too. Or it’s what I hope.

Thanks for stopping by.

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