confessions of a plantaholic

Nice ladies at plant sales are a weakness. Especially arboretum plant sales.

Today was Scott Arboretum’s plant sale in Swarthmore, PA.

Oh. My. God. That was an amazing sale! Much like the plant sales at Jenkins Arboretum, this was a not-to-be-missed plant sale.

When I first walked in the door I joined Scott Arboretum. When you join the plant societies or arboretums before attending their plant sales you either get a plant dividend or a straight discount. Here I got a plant dividend.

Scott Arboretum’s sake was OUTSTANDING.

The plants were all in good shape, really good shape, and I arrived towards the end of the sale.

All of the plants were well organized and you could go to different areas for different conditions depending upon what you were searching for for your garden. Their selection of woody plants was super cool!

And everyone at the sale was as nice as could be. They were helpful, they knew their plants, they could make suggestions, and they were happy to engage you in conversation about gardening. (And they were much more patient than I would have been with people who wanted to buy garden plants but basically wanted the plants to plant themselves, grow themselves, take care of themselves, etc.)

I was there with my husband but parking was at a premium so he waited with the car while I went shopping. Of course for him that was probably better because you should’ve seen the look on his face when I came out with a cart full of plants! And the entire car ride home he kept laughing at me and saying how he wanted me to tell him again how I wasn’t buying any more plants this year and that I ran out of room.

I like joining local arboretums. They are extraordinarily helpful and always have great things for their members!. Scott, for example offers garden tours including overseas. In 2020 for members they are offering garden tours of the Coachella Valley in California and Morocco!

Events that they have coming up that gardeners locally and regionally will like are found on the Scott Arboretum website.

Scott has some great things like Peony Dig & Divide with a plant sale and auction with the Mid-Atlantic Peony Society. This event occurs on Sunday, October 6 from 1 to 4. This event is FREE.

On Friday, October 18 from 8 AM to 5 PM is the Perennial Plant Conference with some amazing speakers. The Perennial Plant Conference requires registration via Longwood Gardens. $119 per person BEFORE September 17 and $149 after that. There is a cut-off but I am not sure when. CLICK HERE to see list of this year’s speakers.

One of the great things also about going to Scott Arboretum is you get to see Swarthmore. Swarthmore is a town of gardens. People have beautiful gardens especially shade gardens. It’s a great place to go for inspiration.

I bet you all want to know what I bought, right? Here is the list:

  • Tradescantia “Charlotte’s Web”
  • Lady’s Mantle “Auslese”
  • Sedum “Plum Dazzled”
  • Daphne “Blafra”
  • Variegated Solomon’s Seal “Fireworks”
  • Hosta “Dream Weaver”
  • Hosta “Hudson Bay”
  • Brunnera “Alexander’s Great”
  • Mountain Laurel “Stoplight”
  • Cut-Leaved grape fern

Yep planting season isn’t over… good thing I got new garden boots! Thanks for stopping by!