the flowers of september

The garden in September is the garden which has gotten a second wind after the heat of late summer.

Of course yesterday, was the first official day of fall and it felt more like August. But hey climate change is a myth, right? As a related aside, a friend of mine reminded me recently that years ago, when I was a child we were zone 5. We are now 6a or 6b depending on where you look. Crazy, right?

The mums I bought from BloomBox are bursting with bloom! I chose those in the red family, which truthfully fall more into the dark cranberry category- one of my favorite colors!

The geraniums I planted early in the spring have a renewed sense of flower purpose and are all in bloom again. (it’s nice to see all the dead heading has paid off!)

The zinnias I grew from seed were supposed to be a scarlet red. The funny thing about plants and seeds is only two of the plants ended up being truly a scarlet red. And they took forever it feels like to grow and now they are amazing. And surprisingly tall!

And ahhh the September roses. It’s like they are all waking up again. The puffy fragrant goodness of David Austin roses!

The roses are starting to bloom again and will probably keep going strong until close to Thanksgiving.

I will admit the garden is supremely dry and I have had to run the sprinklers a bit, but I’m hoping at least the worst of the heat is over. But my garden definitely needs rain and I have plants waiting to be planted but it’s just so dry after being so hot I don’t want to stress them out.

I hope all of you have some lovely gardening days ahead! Thanks for stopping by and feel free to tell me what you’re doing in your garden!