another day of fall planting

Today I planted my awesome red daylilies from Morningstar Daylilies in Woodstown, NJ.

Mary, the owner, shipped them to me and they arrived late yesterday bare root, so into the ground today they went!

Aren’t they just gorgeous?

I also planted my super cool heirloom bulbs from Old House Gardens. All daffodils. The list:

  • Irene Copeland 1915
  • Butter and Eggs 1777
  • Stainless 1960
  • Albus Plenus Odoratus 1601
  • Beersheba 1923
  • Double Campernelle 1601
  • Argent 1902
  • Broughshane 1938

The bulbs arrived in individual paper sacks and were also quite beautiful!

Also today, I discovered some late fall blooms below. Bright, vibrant colors! I hope you all get gardening 😊 Fall is fun!