scenes from a fall garden tour

In September I went on a lovely garden tour of West Chester, PA gardens. The Secret Gardens of West Chester put on by Barclay Friends. I was remiss in never posting photos.

It was a beautiful but rather warm September day. There was a plant sale too! I loved the tour and the gardens of West Chester that you don’t see from the street. Walled gardens are secret gardens, surprises to be unwrapped.

I will admit I did provide feedback to the tour organizers that given the plantings in the gardens I toured, another part of the growing season would be preferable for this event as the gardens were predominantly ones which would be seen at their best mid-spring to mid-summer. By the time we all tromped through, most of these gardens while lovely, were spent. And I think if someone is going to open their gardens up to the public, they should be seen at their peak. They deserve to have their lovely gardens shown at their peak.

I love garden tours, and this was the only one I was able to attend this past garden season. Enjoy the slideshow!

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