the garden nasties are truly sad

I wrote about my horrible experience with a mail order company this summer- this was part of what they shipped

In June on another site, I wrote about a bad, money wasting mail order plant experience.

 I know better than to order from cheap unknown plant places, but every once in a while I’m just human and want to try to get a good bargain.

I received shoddy plants from Gilbert H Wild and Sons!

Wild has been around forever. I get their emails, I think I also used to get catalogs from them, and I never ordered from them before. But I thought what the heck, I might as well check them out.


I might as well have flushed my money down the toilet. And that upsets me when it comes to plants for my garden. And I’m mostly angry at myself because I know better. Below was their “customer service” response back then:

Bless their hearts, they didn’t like my opinion. I didn’t ask for a refund because of experiences other gardeners I know have had. But this unprofessional response to my justified opinion based on what was delivered to me? Caveat Emptor…

It was June when I originally wrote this. ALL of the plants ordered from them eventually died. Even the daylilies. Now it is the 24th of November.

Today I was contacted by a super fan of the company. On Facebook. and I don’t know him or where he lives.

Just in time for Thanksgiving, my first garden writing stalker. I am an idiot “who doesn’t know how to garden” .

Alrighty then. Good to know.

I needless to say, reported them to Facebook. I am not in the mood for harassment via messenger over one opinion on a catalog company. It’s not only ridiculous, BUT it’s my right to express dissatisfaction. I paid for what I bought, I did not ask for a refund, I expressed my opinion. I am not their only ever negative opinion, I found lots of them. A similar vein to mine: sub par plants, bad customer service.

I will further note that although I never liked the Gilbert Wild Facebook page, they in fact blocked me. How can I tell? Easy, look at what I see when I pull up their page:

A friend of mine did a quick screen shot for me so I can show you what I should be seeing:

Notice the difference? So if that is the way they handle customer dissatisfaction on social media, as a blogger, I have experienced worse. I do not care that this company blocked me as I decided in June given the order I would never, ever order from them again.

BUT as far as their weird Super Fan goes? That is unacceptable and kind of blew my mind a few days before Thanksgiving. It’s very sad.

Readers, I give you my honest opinions. I am not a compensated blogger. So if I do not like something it is from a regular, everyday customer experience. Not everyone, everywhere is going to like that opinion. But it doesn’t give them the right to be creepy and invade my privacy after a fashion.

Part of my June order. Everything was dried out and dead.

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