a little u.k. garden magic arrived….

Yes garden geek here. Gardeners’ World magazine arrived yesterday and their 2020 calendar! 

Like Fine Gardening magazine, a very worthwhile publication to subscribe to if you enjoy gardening.

The great thing about both of these publications is you don’t have to have a PhD in gardening or botany or horticulture to enjoy them and find them useful.

Other than the publications I enjoy from gardening related nonprofits I belong to these are the only gardening magazines I subscribe to. I pretty much have tried them all, and these are the consistent magazine winners. I like these magazines so much I have a hard time recycling them after I’ve read them. So sometimes I hang onto them for months and then I pass them along to a friend.

And both publications also have wonderful websites and special things for subscribers only. They both also have apps, but I have to admit I find both of the apps a little cumbersome so if I have to use them online I just pull them up on the web.

So that is your gardening related tip for the day: awesome gardening magazines!


  1. Hello Carla, What is the best way to subscribe to Gardener’s world in this country (and where can you get the calendar)? Andrew Lapinski

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    • I subscribed as a US resident to Gardeners’ Works via their website. And the calendar is a gift to subscribers. I do not know if you can purchase it from their website or not


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