thanksgiving gifts from the garden: when kitchen and garden meet again

Ha! This is also why I garden: fresh herbs for cooking!

Here we are the eve of Thanksgiving and look at the fresh herbs I harvested today!!! Two different kinds of rosemary, two different kinds of sage, oregano, and two different kinds of thyme including my favorite, English thyme.

I have herbs everywhere during the growing season and beyond. I put them in as many flowerbeds as I can fit them, and in the spring and summer I also have them in pots along the front walk. When fall rolls around what is in the non-winter hardy pots gets put in the flowerbeds, with the exception of rosemary which I bring in some years if I have room and the basil which I chuck because it’s spent.

I have no parsley showing up at this point. Well that is not quite true, there is some rather sad looking Italian flat leaf in an all weather pot.

Now herbs outside at this point aren’t flower show ready, but they are useable.

From my garden to the kitchen. It doesn’t get better than that!

Happy Thanksgiving gardeners!

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