(groan) more tree work

Treemendous Tree Care was back this morning. We weren’t expecting to see each other until spring when they treated my trees for spotted lantern fly, but last week when I walked around to look at some things from the rear of my shade beds I noticed one of my trees, a once a beautiful maple, looked like somebody flayed it from the rear.

Lightening strike. Sigh. The tree was fine when we did our fall check and walk around with the arborists. I do that twice a year to make sure we are on schedule with our tree work and pruning.

This was not an easy job site today in my opinion because pieces of the tree had to be sectioned off and lowered one at a time. It was labor-intensive and they did it flawlessly!

They did not crush any of the new perennials or shrubs I planted in the fall. Everything was put back perfectly that they moved. I also have a giant steaming pile of wood chips to use as my mulch in the spring!

They had also noticed some things they missed on Mama Oak when they trimmed a couple of weeks ago, so they also climbed and pruned that tree as well.

And then there was something they did which was super kind and above and beyond the call of duty. As they were cleaning up the job foreman told me the tree they had just taken down had a hollowed out portion of the trunk at the base. They wanted me to know because they didn’t want anything to get caught in the hole.

But that’s not all.

Next, they cut a slab off of one of the sections of trunk they had lowered and covered the trunk like the slab was a manhole cover. Then they were nice enough to move an outdoor planter on top of the slab so it doesn’t get shifted. It won’t last forever because wood rots, but for now it works fine.  When the time comes, I have a big piece of slate that will be the perfect replacement.

I hated to lose a tree, but now it opens up the canopy a little bit. So I have some things which will go back there in the spring, and I am contemplating some additional tree saplings to re-populate the woods with.

Until then, I go back to dreaming of spring. Happy gardening!