support your local nurseries during #covid-19

Last evening just before sunset, the sky was just magnificent. The light was so perfect. Same with this morning. There are just some days where the light is breathtaking.

The light caught my new Japanese Maple Acer Palmatum Bihou in such a way that the coral reddish bark just glowed. So I thought to myself that I need another Japanese Maple to complement Bihou. So I called up my friend Maria at Somerset Nursery in Glenmoore. And this is what she helped me choose:

Meet Acer Palmatum Sangokaku. This is also known as a “Coral Bark” Japanese Maple. It’s that whole glowing bark and the pinkish coral yellow tinged leaves. And the amazing fall color. Soft glowing yellow leaves. there are quite a few “Coral Bark” Japanese maples but I really like the leaves in the color contrast in the fall with this particular cultivar.

This maple will also complement nicely the two Acer Palmatum Orange Dream that I have planted in my shade and woodland gardens.

Yes a theme is emerging I think. Japanese Maples are so graceful and versatile in your landscape. Because I am planting them in woodland gardens, I want to lighten the area up. So I am looking for pops of color that includes winter interest.

If I planted one of my favorite red Japanese maples I just don’t think it would work as well. There are a couple of volunteer red Japanese maples of unknown parentage that I have transplanted from the woods to other parts of the area of the garden so I want to add more variety and color interest.

It’s like the hostas back there. I keep working in the chartreuse and yellow shades. Even with shades of green you can add color to shade and woodland gardens. People never seem to get that until they discover it. I know I was that way with me. I used to wonder what people were talking about. Then I started experimenting with shades of green. I haven’t stopped since.

It’s very weird not going to a local nursery to pick out my own plants. Don’t misunderstand me, I have always done a fair amount of mail order plant buying, but as a gardener, going to the local nurseries is just something we gardeners love to do. It’s like visiting people’s gardens. You see the plants, soak it in, get inspired. You also get garden answers.

Well the thing about dealing with a nursery like Somerset is the owners John and Maria Jacobs and their staff not only know their business, they know their plants, and their customers. Now I have known the Jacobs for quite a few years outside their business, although I am also a customer. But they know what I like and can always offer good suggestions if I am stuck.

Maria Jacobs picked the perfect tree for me today. It’s such a beauty! And the prices at Somerset Nursery are very fair. They are giving customers virtual tours and their available plants are listed online on their website.

During this time Somerset offers their customers free delivery within I believe 15 miles and when they have delivered to me outside of coronavirus times, the delivery charges were very modest. Somerset also offers free contactless curbside pickup. Their nursery yard is closed to the public. So you have to figure out what it is you’re looking for and call them up. It works!

Today I also purchased two large and gorgeous peonies. Karl Rosenfield. It’s a classic puffy peony. Beautiful double red blooms.

Please give Somerset or whichever local nursery you prefer some business. These are crazy times. And gardening is totally good for you. Somerset Nursery in Glenmoore is located at 1697 Pottstown Pike, Glenmoore, PA 19343. Their phone number is 610-469-7500. You can also find them on Facebook and Instagram .


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