the day I wasn’t going to garden…

I wasn’t going to garden today. I was taking the day off. But I forgot I ordered lily bulbs and daylily tubers from Old House Gardens. What did I order? Annette Daylily (1945), Theron Daylily (1934), Luxury Lace Daylily (1959), Gold Band Lily (1862), Uchida Lily (1960), and Coral Lily (1812). So I planted. But just the bulbs. I am still tired from all of the gardening I did over the weekend.

But today, you know what else? My beautiful tree peony began to open! It’s light and fluffy and pale pink and smells heavenly!

Also starting to open? My red rhododendrons. I love them. I can’t take credit for thinking of them. My late mother-in-law loved them. I purchase most of my rhodies from Rhododendrons Direct in Oregon. They are a terrific nursery and ship well and the plants are the great size.

And the azaleas are opening. First to open are the old giants we inherited with the house. Then the others I have planted here and there will open. Including natives and other dyeciduous azaleas.

Every day is like another little present from nature. Roses are starting to grow their buds. Perennials are popping up daily. And the herbaceous peonies are also in various stages of budding.

And the lilacs. They smell absolutely lucious and are starting to open.

Spring has most definitely sprung! Happy gardening!

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