frost report

Little piece of ice on the grass.

Well most everything survived. Jury is out on how pissed off the hydrangeas all over my garden will be. One looks rather unhappy. But maybe in a weird way the rain last night helped? It seems some plants got coated in a thin sheet of ice which seems to be melting off.

This big leaf hydrangea froze overnight. Time will tell what happens next.

The peonies all had droopy heads first thing this morning. They seem to be recovering ok. Well except for the one a dog keeps digging up.

The hostas seem mostly ok. They are amazingly tough.

Hosts inside a fern. Frosty but resilient!

The highlight of the morning however is the scent of lilies of the valley underneath the willow tree are opening. Such a spring fragrance!

It’s not going to be super warm today. They say highs in the 40s. But the weather says no more freezing. I may bring in some tender pots of herbs or cover them up (like basil and heliotrope), but hopefully this is the last of it.

Happy gardening!

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