summer colors

Even in the midst of all this heat and yesterday’s deer visit, I still love my garden. I love the riot of color of this part of the summer.

I don’t plant a lot of things that are orange but right now I do have things that are bright yellow and orange which are blooming. The giant Rudbeckia, which looks almost prehistoric, some regular sized Black and Brown Eyed Susans, and even a couple of orange daylilies.

Another thing I also really like? The little banana tree I bought and put in a pot on the deck. I’ve never grown one before and it’s actually a giant herbaceous perennial and I will have to overwinter it inside.

I was up early in the garden because I wanted to pull out some offending weeds and water the pots before the heat of the day arrived. We’re under heat warnings here for the next few days so they will be tough on the garden too.

Stay cool and happy gardening!

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