a nice gardening day

My garden apron, yes my garden apron, did a wonderful job keeping my clothing clean while gardening today. It has all these pockets for clippers and stuff. It’s a really fun thing to have.

Today was one of those days where one project led to another project. Part cleaning up beds, part planting. I yanked out a slew of pachysandra and Bishop’s weed which was seriously testing my sanity.

I was out there a few hours and it was a great day to garden. The ground is dry and hard as a rock, though. But apparently we have rain coming in which should take care of that.

I also started emptying pots. I will have a lot of pots to put away soon. And bird baths. Yes, putting a garden away for the season is a lot of work but come the spring, we begin all over again!

Oh and I actually wrote what I planted in the garden journal my husband bought me!

How does your garden grow?

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