chores…bulbs…final fall planting

I think I planted my last plants for the season today. I know I have finished planting my bulbs. Now I say I *think* I planted all of the plants I am going to plant because you never know what might prove to be irresistible for your garden!

Today I planted the balance of my bulbs. I did half yesterday along with planting tea camellias “Korea” and “Sochi” and one regular Camellia named “Meadowbrook“.

Yesterday I also planted a couple of cool ferns and today I also put down 4 more cubic feet of pebbles on my little path on one side of the house. Yes, I did this all myself and I will have the creaky joints later to prove it.

Another thing I did today was neaten up the pachysandra along the side of the front path and other beds. If I don’t hack at the pachysandra once in a blue moon and pull some of it up, it takes over.

I will admit I am tired, but I am tired in a good way. It’s a beautiful day even though it wasn’t so sunny until just a little while ago. I still have many more chores to do before this garden goes to bed for the year.

The bulbs I bought for this year have been gorgeous and I loved planting all of them. I did try to see if I could start them underneath a tree in the back and it’s an experiment but hopefully it will work. It’s just wood chips back there there’s no grass to cut so I’m thinking if they take it’ll be a fun addition to the woodland garden beds.

Happy gardening!


  1. My bulb order has not arrived yet, so it will be a challenge to get them all planted before the ground freezes! Hope we get some nice days. Have not even begun trimming all the frost-killed plants in any of the gardens, so there’s plenty to do! But, it’s raining today so what to do? I just ordered more bulbs!


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