miles to go before my garden sleeps…

(Bubba the squirrel snacking)

Pardon the borrowing and slight change to a favorite Robert Frost poem. Before I watch the last 2020 episode of Gardeners’ World, I thought I would check in.

It has been a rainy stretch although yesterday was chilly and clear. Yesterday I received my last plant order, and planted everything out.

What did I plant? Well because the order and planting was just yesterday I can actually tell you what and the cultivar!

I planted another Karl Rosenfield Peony. I planted Black Olive Heucheras. Also planted Cinnamon Snow Hellebore and some big pots of Valentine Dicentra (Bleeding Heart) which I am particularly excited about because it’s a spectacular red and white one! I also planted a bunch of Brauni and Autumn Fern. All of my plants yesterday came from Somerset Nursery in Glenmoore which has a fabulous sale going on! They are one of my favorite local resources.

Ahead of me is emptying out birdbaths that need to be drained and covered. I have big plastic saucers that won’t freeze that I use in winter instead. Not as pretty but serves their purpose.

I also have to empty out the pots that won’t make it through the winter. Those that have herbs in it will have the herbs removed and they will be planted in beds and borders.

Now you are probably wondering about Bubba the squirrel 🐿. Well I found that funny feeder on Etsy. There are a bunch of folks who make them and even one that looks like a porch swing that you can hang in a tree! It just cracks me up because they will sit at the table to eat sometimes.

Well that’s it for me today. Enjoy your Sunday!

Happy gardening!

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