through the window and into the woods

There aren’t many leaves left now. I took this photo about a week ago.

The weather continues to be very weird. A few cold nights, some days of rain, and now it’s warm-ish again.

Most of my garden chores are done. I was going to buy more hellebores, but I am over digging in the dirt for a while. I also have to be a grown up gardener and wait and see how everything gets through the winter.

My chores in the garden until spring will mainly ensure winter winds don’t whip rose canes around and to keep alternating deer spray to ensure they stay out of my flower beds. They can hang in the woods, but not my flower beds. I use Plantskydd and Deer Out if anyone is interested.

But I will still be thinking gardening throughout the winter months, so while this blog might not have as many posts as during the growing season, I still will be posting.

Happy gardening.

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