So I am sitting here listening to David Culp of Brandywine Cottage and Jim Peterson of Garden Design and their awesome January garden webinar and the traffic on this gardening blog exploded…. I forgot that Jim had asked me about container gardening and I had written him an email!

So hi there new blog readers! I will share what I wrote to Jim and some photos:

📌Well I don’t change my containers all the time like Mr. Culp does, but I do plant lots of containers.

I take my cues from British and European gardeners. Perennials and herbs along with annuals. People do not realize you can plant almost anything in a pot. I love Hostas in pots, have had Japanese Maples and even roses in big pots in gardens past.

In my current garden, I have large containers that anchor my walk. They have herbs and hostas and even sedum. Every spring I add things depending on what I want to see. Herbs like rosemarys, sages, lavenders and salvias. I especially love red salvias. And as it warms up, I mix in geraniums. Sometimes I plant pansies in the spring, but it depends if I can get bold or jewel colors.

I will also plant vegetables in pots. Chili peppers, onions, tomatoes, and celery. I don’t have room for tomatoes in my flower beds and as we are partially in the woods I don’t actually have a lot of full sun. I use these wrought iron rose supports I have to grow my tomatoes in pots and I underplant with more herbs, especially different basils.

More than you wanted to know I am sure, so to bring it back to my tip it is pretty simple: you can literally plant almost anything in a pot, and a lot of what you traditionally put in the ground like hydrangeas and hostas!📌

I have to tell you I love these webinars that Jim Peterson and David Culp are doing! They are very inspirational, I keep learning new things, and it makes me want to go dig in the dirt right now!

Happy gardening!


  1. I always keep container gardens around the house. It’s so easy to move them for the best sunlight and pamper them with extra water and nutrients. Some perennials I’ve used in containers include Hydrangea, Hosta, Lamium, Heuchera, Ivy and Creeping Jenny. To these I like to add annual flowers for blooms all season! Can you tell I can’t wait until spring?


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