frozen in the garden.

The rhododendrons’ leaves curl up on frigid days.

It was 22° this morning. And all the plants look like popsicles. You go out in the morning and every leaf is curled up. By mid-day, they start to unfurl but when it’s this cold they don’t completely open. It’s fascinating to watch.

Now it’s snowing. It’s quiet and beautiful and cold.

This morning (early) before the snow started, I did peek around….in my nightgown and a down jacket. Looking at the winter garden and dreaming and mentally planning for spring.

You have to have a peek around in the early mornings in your garden. There is nothing like it. The world is still at dawn, yet waking up. No matter what the season, it’s magical. It’s the daily reminder of the possibilities of life in and out of the garden.

Inside there are plants to tend and I have Meyer Lemons ripening on my little tree! My banana tree has sprouted a baby and my hibiscus isn’t blooming but very happy!

There are also other plants like aloe and Christmas cactus. And a spectacular amaryllis I was given it as a plant rescue last year. It just started to bloom! I still can’t believe someone was going to throw it out.

Meanwhile, outside before the day went to dusk, the birds scurried to fill up on food in the cold. Some of my favorites today were the juncos.

Tomorrow when we wake there will be more snow. And more dreaming of my spring garden while I enjoy my winter garden.

Happy gardening dreams!

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