magical garden in the snow

The garden in winter has her own structure, beauty and magic. I am starting with a visitor to my woods. She showed up yesterday, made herself a snow nest and bedded down for a cold and snowy night. She stayed for a while after dawn and got up, shook the snow off and moved on. My husband laughed at me checking on her. Yes I know she’s wild and in nice weather would eat my plants, but this was just ever so cool to see.

The birds are everywhere. At the feeders, scratching the snow for other nibbles and they sing quite brightly even in the snow.

My shrubs and pots are covered in a blanket of winter white. There is the fluff of new fallen snow and the structure of plants in winter.

Everytime I go outside I see something different. I also imagine what the garden will look like come the spring. Winter has a special magic, I hope you are exploring your garden in winter.

Thanks for visiting.

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