the view from the windows

February, 2021

They said snow today. And here we are. It’s fluffy and pretty. Very different today in 2021, versus 2014 when there was the crazy ice storm.

February, 2014

In 2014, we had a few thousand pounds of the giant beech, or about half the tree come down. I am forever grateful to my arborist back then, Bob Phipps. He helped us right away and also told us to not take down the rest of the giant beech with 1871 carved into the trunk.

Big Beech February, 2014

The tree is very much alive and no longer growing at an angle that would fly into the house again. As is the case with big old beeches, it has hollows in it that house lots of woodpeckers and other woodland birds and critters. Yet it keeps on growing.

Big Beech February, 2021

The gardens and woods sparkle in the thick coat of new snow. And all I keep thinking is real winter weather means a better garden come the spring.

Enjoy the winter garden you live with today!

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