oops repeat rose order

I am nothing if not predictable when it comes to plants I like. I just realized I ordered the same old rose from two different nurseries!

Yes I ordered Old Blush which dates back to the early to mid 18th century. I ordered one from David Austin and one from Antique Rose Emporium. So I will be putting Old Blush into two places!

I also decided I was going to put a rose in a large pot. For that I want it a David Austin. So I went and read the catalog and chose Munsted Wood. I believe the rose is named for horticulturalist Gertrude Jekyll’s home. I have an all weather pot that is large and perfect for this rose which is on the smaller side at maturity.

I actually wasn’t sure that I was going to order any additional roses this year but I decided there is one rose which is just failing to thrive that I’m going to get rid of it in this one spot. It is the David Austin roses but it has never worked where currently planted.

The rose being moved is called Winchester Cathedral. I am going to move Winchester Cathedral today to a spot in the garden I call the rose infirmary.

I have mistakenly double ordered plants before. But I’ve never done it with roses and all these years I’ve gardened. It just means I am meant to have more roses!

When I told my husband about my garden mistake he laughed. Probably because he knows I will just find a place for the extra rose!

Happy gardening!

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