my day with the poison ivy horticulturalist

Today it was time for our annual spring cleaning of invasives in our woods and gardens. It was time to beat up on thug plants. Today was the day a crazy amount of garlic mustard and climbing rope thick vines of poison ivy were removed.

Yes, removed from the woods. Like magic only lots of hard work of the poison ivy horticulturist, otherwise known as Umar Mycka. I call him the poison ivy doctor. He laughs at his honorarium but he is a wizard who works garden magic. His crew has systematically removed poison ivy from my woods over the past few years with the precision of surgeons. And his crew has literally among the most hard-working nicest people I’ve ever met.

Did I mention all of this is done without poison and chemicals?

Someone suggested Umar Mycka and his business when we moved into our current home. The woods were really overgrown and there were tons of invasive species. So bit by bit, they are helping me enormously. I can’t do everything in my garden although I do probably a lot more than the average person. And when it comes to poison ivy, oak, sumac and some other stuff… I’m really allergic to it.

Leaves of three, let it be!

Hairy rope, don’t be a dope!

Every spring we tackle a bit more. I will have them back in a few weeks as we tackle more poison ivy and poke weed is also on my list and the ever annoying burning bush and dog rose.

I highly recommend The Poison Ivy Horticulturalist, Umar Mycka. I receive nothing for referring them. I am not compensated for referring them. I am a happy customer.

Happy gardening!

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