playing in the greenhouse and loving the next level of summer color

I love my greenhouse. Closest thing I will ever get to a she shed I think. Not a pity the girl gardener moment, but don’t know where I would put a big old she shed. And I love this little greenhouse. It’s the perfect size for me to play in. It is full of chili pepper plants.

And my tomatoes are tomato-ing!!! I am like a kid when the tomato plants start fruiting.

Now one thing I am very excited about is my one fig tree is finally growing figs! It is a Chicago Hardy and I have been faithfully growing it for two years, and until this summer….nothing except leaves. I am also going to be planting a Hardy Dark Berry. Oh and two persimmon trees (American native, not Japanese). I am not really sure where the persimmons will be going but I will figure it out.

We just had a random cloud burst but my garden in thirsty. So we need more rain dances.

Things that have happened in the garden this week include chopping back some of the herbs. Mint and oregano, especially. They have grown and grown and grown, and I don’t want them getting end of season leggy. I also hacked back the Nippon AKA Montauk daisies. I don’t want them super leggy when they bloom.

And finally this week, I got out the step ladder and trimmed back the pussy willows again and the giant azalea bushes we inherited with this house. Why the step ladder? I am too short and I keep asking for some garden help with certain plants, and I just couldn’t wait any longer. I had to get started.

Again, the summer colors are amazing right now. It makes all the digging, and planting and weeding and trimming worth it.

So tell me fellow gardeners, how does your garden grow?

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