working in the garden is good for you…

Limelight is starting to bloom.

The thing about gardening is it’s just good for you. There is the connection between hands and soil, and to me it is also an artistic process. It is my big, four season canvas, which changes constantly. It’s nature’s rotating gallery opening.

The garden is also where I work things out. Human beings can be disappointing, and that is putting it mildly. The past couple of days I have run into disappointing human beings. These are the people who want you to feel less than.

Tabasco peppers!

As a blogger, people often do not like that I have opinions. So they wish to school me. Not via a civil conversation, but abusive nasty people. I should just be a mommy blogger talking about Disney or cleaning products. Gardening is ok, but only if you think their knock out roses are fabulous, but I don’t consider these unscented, engineered things real roses.

My Munstead Wood rose is blooming again!

And then there are the people in your life who are just petty. Their raison d’être is mischief. They contort the truth, and that is being kind. Along with petty there are people whom I make uncomfortable probably just because I am different from them. But these people can be hurtful and what does gardening have to do with this? Oh just give me a second here.

Gardening makes all of this occasional unpleasantness fade away. Working in my garden, whether planting and creating, or maintenance chores, it brings life back to basics. Just you and your garden. And for me there’s the satisfaction of the reaffirming knowledge that I have created something special that is uniquely me. There is the knowing that I can do this.

And I have.

Nothing against professional landscapers, but I created this, and this is my sweat equity. And that means a lot to me.

Hello Little Lime!

I look at my garden and I know I am enough.

Right now I am sitting in my garden as I write this post. And the sounds of late summer completely surround me. Given the time of year, of course one of the most prevalent sounds are the cicadas. Their hum. It’s like a giant orchestra of nature.

My two pairs of hummingbirds are buzzing around and they are very cool to watch. You just have to sit still and they come out. They travel in tandem from flower to flower.

Other birds are flitting about and calling here and there. I have Cardinals who just taught their babies to fly, and all is quiet on the bluebird front two clutches of babies later. The Carolina wrens sing their hearts out, and I have one singing now, and a cat bird is nagging behind where I am sitting.

It has been very hot here again. Yesterday I actually saw bees ringing the edge of one of my bird baths so they could drink. That is why in late summer it is very important that you keep your bird baths clean not just for your birds but for your bees.

My garden isn’t perfect, I have a lot of weeding to do. And although my tomato plants are giant and healthy that I grew from seed the blossom end rot is a bitch this year.

OK that’s all for me, I have chores. I think I’m also going to start doing my rain dance because my garden needs a good soak.

How does your garden grow? Thanks for stopping by and happy gardening.

Late summer flowers are opening!


  1. Hi Carla, yes human beings are definitely disappointing! I subscribe to your and others blogs because I enjoy hearing other opinions than my own. I especially like your comment on the knock out roses. I have one too, and it is truly unscented and mostly scraggly looking. The other roses I have, I bought for their beauty AND fragrance. This year I ordered 2 David Austin roses that I’m enjoying! My “perennial path” garden has been in the works for 30 years and it has never been completely weeded in any year! Keep posting and I will keep reading. Thank you!

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  2. Your garden is beautiful. My Limelight Hydrangeas are also blooming and I cut a big bouquet for the house. I wish the fresh blooms lasted longer in a vase. Of course I know I can let the blooms dry in place and have them forever. Such a wonderful plant.

    Gardens are a personal journey – – – everyone is entitled to craft that journey how they see fit and what gives them joy.

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  3. Your gardens are beautiful and it is your creation, no one else. Just like ugly and pesty bugs and weeds, unhappy people’s comments that are annoying, pull them UP, discard in the trash bin and forget. They only grow bigger and multiply if nurtured by their own jealousies. You are the gardener. Ciao

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