labor day in the garden

As I’m sitting here, it is hard to believe that hurricane Ida came through this area just a few days ago. It is such a beautiful breezy day and the humidity is significantly lower than it has been which is lovely. That’s how you know September is here. I don’t know how to explain it but as I sit here, the air just feels different all of a sudden.

The birds are chattering away today (especially the woodpeckers) , and in the background I hear the sounds of children playing from neighboring properties. It’s a really nice day. I spoke to a friend I have not spoken to in a very long time earlier today, and it made me realize how lucky I am to be sitting in my garden enjoying the final sounds of official summer go by.

I trimmed the giant snowball viburnum we inherited with the house today. I hadn’t cut it quite so much in a few years but it was just too big and I know if I don’t trim it this year I won’t be able to handle it next year. I still have to trim the giant azaleas out front, but that is something my husband said he would do which would make life easier because he’s significantly taller than I am.

Today I also trimmed back a few roses and fed the tomato plants again. I will note for the record that I am covered in mosquito bites there were so many of them out today.

Also today I planted a Gordlinia grandiflora, commonly called a sweet tea tree. I planted it in a part sun spot that gets dappled light when it’s not part sun. I think it will be OK in the spot because tea camellias and regular camellias love it in the same location. It’s a slight gamble because it’s something that is borderline for our zone of planting. However, it’s a location that is sheltered and big trees will break it’s weather so I am going to think positively and baby it along. It’s just so pretty!

The hydrangeas are starting to get their fall tint to their blooms. All the white hydrangeas are getting a pinkish tinge.

Another thing I planted today that I have been wanting to plant for a few years is a spicebush. The leaves gave off the nicest fragrance as I was planting it. Literally it smelled a little spicy. Like an allspice kind of smell. I have some anemone and echinacea left to plant, but I didn’t have it in me today to do that. I was really tired by the time I got finished all my chores.

Today’s tomato harvest were the cherry tomatoes. Bumblebee is what I grew this year. They are OK but they have a bit of a thick skin and I think I am going back to midnight snack next year because they are just more flavorful.

One other thing I had to do today was move a rhododendron bush I planted in the spring. I don’t know that the bush is going to make it, but it definitely hated the spot it was in. I hope it does make it because it’s a lovely red but if it doesn’t, it just wasn’t meant to be. It was one of the bushes I got from Oregon this year. If it doesn’t make it, I think I will re-order it and try it one more time in a different spot. I think it just got too wet where it was.

Well that’s about it for me today. I am really enjoying sitting in my garden right now. I hope all of you are enjoying your gardens today as well!

Happy gardening!


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