how does you garden grow?

David Austin’s “England’s Rose”

It’s mid October and it is still super warm. Climate change is real. My Cannas keep sending up new flowers. Azaleas are blooming a second time, and so is the old fashioned snowball viburnum.

I am still waiting for most of my bulbs to arrive, but I have been planting peonies and a random rosebush which was a replacement for one that died. And the rosebush comes from a company I don’t order from very often and usually I just buy bare root from them. But this time when I ordered this particular rose it came potted, with underdeveloped roots. It died and they replaced it recently. With another potted rose with underdeveloped roots. I hope it makes it.

I had tree work done for the fall. Lots of pruning, and also cleared out some trash trees crowding good trees in the woods. I am really pleased with how things look. I am however, worried about a pretty much dead cherry in neighboring woods. Our arborist is super concerned about the tree, and even went and spoke with my neighbor. I have been concerned about the tree for a few years. If it falls, it will take out my beautiful large Japanese Maple, a big holly tree and a good chunk of my front garden. It’s dangerous and I hope it is taken down. I don’t know if it would reach the house or not, but it is awfully tall. I don’t want awkwardness with a nice neighbor, but this is awkward, sadly.

Bad cherry

Bulbs haven’t all arrived, so I have been doing clean up. Today it was all of the hanging baskets. The other day I said goodbye to all of the tomato plants. I have a LOT of pots to empty still, but I have turned over the birdbath bowls and some will be stored in the basement and others covered.

Hanging baskets and grow bags.
Emptied and ready for storage

The flowers are still around. Lots of fall roses, still some zinnias, daisies, toad lilies. The weird warm weather has also caused more Indian Pinks to bloom. Hydrangea blooms are hanging it, and the hardy begonia has exploded with blooms.

This is the last of many of the flowers. It’s mid-October so sooner or later we will have a hard frost. Then I will cut off the amaryllis leaves and plunk the bulbs in dark cool spot for a while.

The Sochi tea camellia and other tea camellias are blooming. Some other camellias have flower buds. The viburnum berries are in glorious shades this year, very vibrant.

But oh! I almost forgot my seven sons tree is blooming for the very first time. It was quite small when I purchased it.

Heptacodium miconioides (seven sons tree)

The leaves are starting to turn. I have reached the procrastination yet overwhelmed by all there is yet to do stage of gardening. It happens at the same time every year. But I will do a bit each day and it will all get done.

Tell me, how does your garden grow?

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