the bulbs are planted!

Lilies, daffodils, galanthus, cyclamen, tulips, peonies, and trillium are ALL planted!! Five boxes of bulbs, tubers, and more. I am actually proud of myself because it was a LOT to plant. It took a few days and I did some every day, but it’s done.

A dizzying array of fun will be awaiting me come the spring (I hope. ) I also planted three yellow twig dogwoods and two clematis. What is left? One bayberry and two small umbrella magnolias.

I have also been doing tidying here and there. Yesterday in the drizzle and rain I wrestled with my Queen Elizabeth rose and her obelisk. You see, a little chipmunk had been tunneling close to her roots so I also had to put down smelly Bonide “Repels All” and fill the tunnel.

And can I talk about that amazing peony named “Big Ben” from Brandamore Specialties which is a Chester County grower? AMAZING!

There are still things to be done like put the leaves on the flower beds. On some beds with heavy clay soil I have been layering in leaves and topping off with remaining wood chips. It’s kind of like a mulch sandwich but it will improve the soil over the winter.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Wow that is a beautiful peony root. I am still waiting for two Itoh peonies to be delivered. I wish I would have known about Brandamore before I ordered mine.

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