the next gardening book you need to own…

Brand new! Out in 2022 and available for pre-order now!

So I am really, really lucky to know some amazing people. Like Jenny Rose Carey. Her book Glorious Shade was a book that has truly taught me so much, and she and my friend Catherine Renzi introduced me to wonderful plants like witch hazels. (And if you do not have Glorious Shade in your garden library yet, you should.)

I am old school. I like going to garden lectures and turning the pages in actual gardening books. I do not crowd source my garden on social media, although social media is helpful to gardeners which is why I host a large virtual gardening group. But there is NOTHING that replaces how much you learn from really special gardening books and virtual and in person gardening lectures. (My favorite virtual gardening lectures are the ones given by David Culp and facilitated by Jim Peterson of Garden Design.)

I have been lucky enough to visit Jenny Rose Carey’s amazing gardens (Northview Gardens.) I also have heard her speak many times, and every time I hear her speak, I learn something new. She is always introducing people to plants that you will love in your garden. And as a person, she is simply quite lovely.

Workman Publishing says the following about Jenny:

Jenny Rose Carey is a renowned gardener, educator, historian, and author, and the former senior director at the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s Meadowbrook Farm in Jenkintown. She previously worked at Temple University for over a decade, first as an adjunct professor in the Department of Landscape Architecture and Horticulture and then as director of the Ambler Arboretum. Jenny Rose has been lecturing nationally and internationally for many years. She is an avid hands-on gardener who has gardened in both England and the United States. Her Victorian property, Northview, contains diverse garden spaces, including a cutting garden, an herb garden, a dry garden, and various mixed flower beds. Jenny Rose and her gardens have been featured on the PBS series The Victory Garden, in the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, the Philadelphia InquirerGrow magazine, and The Pennsylvania Gardener.


~Workman Publishing

So anyway, Jenny Rose Carey’s new book The Ultimate Flower Gardener’s Guide just went to the publisher and will be out in 2022. BUT you can pre-order NOW via Workman or Amazon. If you order through Workman Publishing they are offering a holiday coupon of FESTIVE21 for any books ordered through them, and if you don’t have Glorious Shade, it is another must have for your garden library! (And one of Workman’s other imprints is Timber Press which features garden/nature authors like David Culp, Doug Tallamy, and more!)

I have NOT been asked to write this post, nor have I been given anything. I am choosing to pay it forward. I simply KNOW this is going to be an awesome book!

I will close with photos of Jenny’s garden in Ambler, PA.

Gardening books make great Christmas presents!

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