january planting day

Your eyes do not deceive you with the title of this post. I did indeed have a January planting day! I planted eight little trees. I planted four little white pine trees and four little fir trees.

I had used as part of my outside decorations this year for Christmas little live trees that I purchased from BloomBox. But I realized that the ground wasn’t really frozen yet but soon it would be, so I decided today was the day to plant.

Now eight little trees are nestled in all around, essentially on the edge of the woods. I decided I have my nice big hardwoods but when the leaves come down I can see the neighborhoods through the woods again. And they’re all perfectly nice people, but I’d like to look at more trees and plants. So this is an evergreen experiment. If this is a successful experiment, and the deer don’t trample or eat them, I might repeat the process next year as well.

When I was finished planting everything I fenced each little tree around with the bits of old garden fencing I save for just this purpose. Then I sprayed for deer.

Now it’s time for a big cup of hot tea and shower. Baby, it’s cold outside!

Happy (winter) gardening!


  1. Your yard sounds like ours. We are surrounded by mature woodland, but when the leaves fall I can see some of my neighbors. A few years ago I planted some Nellie Stevens hollies and a Southern Magnolia (Edith Bogue). Both are growing quickly and provide that much needed evergreen beauty in the wintertime. The deer also leave them alone (I never spray).

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    • It’s funny you mention Hollies , we have a giant holly tree on the front side that is spreading lots of babies throughout the woods. Which I love and they are not touched by the deer. I love southern magnolias with their big glossy leaves ! I have some other kinds of magnolias scattered about including umbrella magnolias I have started in the woods.

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