tree work and maintenance: care and planning is SO important

l received a message regarding trees from someone local recently . I referred them to my arborists.

I am not just playing social media sales rep, I believe in what good, licensed arborists do for a living. They know their trees and know their craft.

I do NOT believe you can diagnose a tree accurately from photos. They are living things that are a large asset on your property, literally.

Often people do NOT have routine maintenance and care and are purely reactive when it comes to tree care. As a gardener and tree lover, I know tree care is expensive.

Heck we have a lot of trees and NONE were routinely cared for for over 50 years until we moved in. The lack of basic routine care like trimming and tree health has cost US as the current stewards of our property, but the work has to be done. And things like the ice storm of 2014, and several crazy wind and weather events over the past years later, I do truly know the value of gold tree work and a good arborist.

Now we are leveling out somewhat, but we have woods, so we will always have care and trimming. At the end of this summer, we will have a major removal as literally my favorite tree has reached the end of her centuries long life cycle. It is not a decision we make lightly, but it is unavoidable. This is also why every year I plant tree saplings in my woods, so hopefully future generations will also enjoy the majestic beauty of native hardwood trees. I plant mostly hardwoods, but also what can be categorized as understory trees.

I can only legitimately share arborists we have used, and for this property it is Treemendous Tree Care. The gentleman who took excellent care of us before them no longer climbs or does the level of pruning we require.

We use Treemendous for everything tree related. My gardens as you know are somewhat extensive, and they are really, really careful.

Please, if you have tree issues, no matter whom you chose for your work, get them properly cared for. And that starts with in person evaluations.

Happy gardening!

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  1. I have been learning more about tree care as the weather takes its toll on trees that are not getting any smaller. Treemendous has been taking care of my trees for 3 years now, thanks to your recommendation. They are wonderful and I feel better knowing the trees are being cared for.

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