some days mother nature punks you

This post is kind of requiem for an oak tree. My one neighbor on Friday evening heard a giant crack. But nothing came down. As I had previously noted our arborist was out Saturday morning checking everything and still nothing came down.

About 40 minutes ago my husband says to me to go look at my new tomato plant. I was folding clothes in the basement and said “what?”

I finished doing my domestic goddess laundry folding and headed outside. I muttered to myself as I was going outside that I thought I probably wouldn’t like what I was about to see and oh my!

Big Mama. Oak dropped an 11 foot limb. It literally missed shearing the electrical wires off the house by inches. So she was still good to us but she is coming down tomorrow.

The reality of losing this tree isn’t just the cost which is going to be expensive there’s no way around it really. A big old crane is involved and a really large tree crew. tomorrow, the ailing Ash will join her. This will change the eco system on this property. We have lots of mature trees left, but it will be interesting to note how much more sunlight we get hitting the house and the front gardens. I’m guessing perhaps more roses and hydrangeas are in my future.

However, with these trees coming down tomorrow I will have to plan for fall and saplings I will plant. Because two giant trees are coming out and I am going to have to make room for more saplings as future trees.

I will document tomorrow as my trees are coming down. it sounds kind of silly to a lot of people, but it will be a little emotional to me to watch the oak in particular get taken down. If that oak tree was in the UK she would almost qualify as an ancient tree.

From an acorn, a mighty oak once did grow.

Sigh. I am going to miss her.

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