sitting in the garden saying goodbye to my gardening dog.

My Franklinia tree is flowering early.

Once again it’s brutally hot. As I sit in the garden for a few minutes, I find myself unable to do anything. I find myself sad in my garden for the first time.

Yesterday, we had to say goodbye to my gardening dog. No matter how many pets you have, you always have that one animal that was with you in the garden.

My dog Boo Boo was that pet. He’s supervised everything. And would get really annoyed with me when I put him inside when I had to water, because if I didn’t he made me absolutely crazy chasing the hose. What I would give for him to just make me crazy chasing the hose and the water one more time.

I will be chasing the deer out on f flowerbeds on my own now.

I don’t have the energy to go into everything here. I wrote about him on my regular blog. (CLICK HERE.)

I hope you and all of your gardens do well in this ungodly heat. And if you have a moment make sure you appropriately pat and praise your gardening dog.

Sign me tears in the garden.

Boo Boo Schnitzel 2012-2022
Gardening Dog Extraordinaire


  1. My heart is breaking for you. I know how much of a loss a wonderful gardening dog is. My Bailey has been gone for almost 7 years. Fortunately, I have Belle and Bear to help me weed (as they lay in my garden in the exact spot I’m trying to weed, and Remington who MUST stand in front of me and get scritched!) sorta like your hose. As you can see, I now have 3 dogs to replace one that was totally unreplaceable. Tears . . . .


  2. yep those crittors we love them to death and yet they still leave us and break our hearts, my dog died on me one year ago to the day today, I still miss her and think about her with sadness, your dog is very cute too.


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