a tree carving grows, and flowers still bloom

Well it finally rained. Not enough rain all in all, but I will take it. September means a new flush of roses, black eyed and brown eyed Susans, more cannas, and thinking about what to plant this fall.

The drought of the summer hasn’t corrected itself so I will be planting mostly bulbs and a few bare root peonies as fall actually arrives. But a few shrubs and a couple of young trees too. Witch hazels, one more mountain hydrangea, service berry, and a new oak for me, sawtooth.

Now the carving.

The woodland creatures are slowly emerging from the body of Mama Oak. I try not to hover and let Marty Long be to do his thing. Artists need their zone, after all.

It’s so amazing to see this carving come to life. For every cut, I am also planning the under plantings below and around it. That’s where the bare root peonies will go and heirloom daffodils. Lilies too. Maybe some hostas. There are already juvenile serviceberries planted and a white lilac.

However, now that it is not as hot I have to stop dilly dallying. I have pruning to do. It’s late, I may sacrifice some blooms on old azaleas in the back and the monster snowball viburnum, but the pruning has to be done. Hydrangeas will get their haircut in a couple of weeks when I donate their blooms to be sold at a church fair.

Time for more gardening today for me. Thanks for stopping by.


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