plants to the left of me, plants to the right of me…it’s a garden!!!

So it’s October which makes me part great gardening procrastinator. But then I am also sitting here watching this new Martha Stewart show called “Martha Gardens” – it’s a free streaming show on Roku. It’s surprisingly good. But Martha doesn’t really garden so much at this point, she has legions of gardeners like she’s the Dowager Duchess of Downton Abbey.

Now as I am writing this post and watching this show it’s dark out. Somebody in my neighborhood is running a leaf blower. In the dark. I don’t understand. So I’m going back to what I’m doing in my garden.

I continue to be the woman who yells at deer. This morning there were 10 or 12. And I love my neighbors, but there are ones who feed the deer and it’s so freaking irritating. We don’t need to feed them and when they do it attracts more deer.

It’s October, so I am definitely procrastinating. I am also reminding myself of all I have to do. And as opposed to Martha Stewart, there is no legion of queen’s gardeners, it’s me.

A whole bunch of my bulbs have arrived. I prefer vintage and heirloom. So I’m planting fun things called butter and eggs, Rip van Winkle, Mrs. Langtry, moschactus, Beersheba, British Charm, Tenby, Bath’s Flame, St. Keverne, and more. I have planted the majority of the daffodils and a beautiful peony root from Brandamore Specialties named “Big Ben.”

I have also planted English bluebells, more trillium roots, Gravetye Giant Snowflake, purple headed garlick, and some heritage crocuses since I have decided to start dotting what is left of the lawn with them – Blue Pearl, Cloth of Gold, tommies, Mammoth Yellow.

I don’t think my garden would go with a lawn that was turned into a meadow per se, but the lawn area is pretty small now since I have reclaimed a lot for garden beds, so now since we don’t do a ChemLawn kind of lawn, I am planting crocuses to be the first things up. With frittilaria at the edges. Scilla and blue squill too.

Of course I just remembered that I have bulbs that haven’t arrived yet. It includes 200 more crocus bulbs. And then…well…there may be another tea camellia and a dark red rhododendron. And yup two mountain hydrangeas and witch hazels, hostas, and two saw tooth oak trees. And lilies from my friend Rose.

Yes, it is also the time of year where I think I may have lost my damn mind. My husband will be laughing when he reads this. I keep saying every year that I am not going to do this to myself. Every year I say I am going keep a more accurate track of what and when I order, and I am actually improving, but….

This week all of a sudden it started to look more like fall. But new flushes of roses, Montauk/Nippon daisies, brown and black eyed Susans, and sedum.

Marty Long continues to carve Mama Oak. I love watching more pieces emerge.

But oh my I have work to do. But before that, I also have to stop and admire my tea camellias, they are blooming!!! Now once everyone gets a little bigger I will start collecting new leaves to dry for tea.

Happy gardening!


  1. The carving is stunning! Your garden is so beautiful. We have been here about 5 years, so I add to the garden each year. I would love my woodland (which surrounds the house) to look like yours. Right now it is full of brambles and too many saplings……….


    • All it is, is pulling a bit of it out at a time and changing a little bit every year. I would start with the brambles. Have someone dig them out and remove them from your property so there’s no chance of seeds remaining


      • Thanks for the encouragement. I am hoping to make some headway with the brambles starting this fall – – – – after I plant my daffodils, garlic, abelia, and peonies.


  2. I always enjoy your posts! I can totally relate to your bulb procrastination/disorganization, although you and I both know it will be worth it in the Spring! Happy Gardening!

    Amy Brown


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