snowy garden

Today was a snowy day off and on. Nothing really stuck in the end because quite frankly the ground is too warm. But it was a day of big, beautiful , and fluffy snowflakes.

The garden in the snow is always magical to me. There is the weird winter hush of falling snow mixed with the chatter of the birds hitting the feeders. Squirrels are extra fluffed up running around and you feel like they should all be nicknamed Bubba.

I have not seen any bluebirds lately but the Carolina wrens are back, along with the dark eyed Juncos. Today there had to have been at least a dozen cardinals sitting in trees in the back, the males startling with their bright red feathers against the Frazier firs with the snowflakes falling.

My garden when it snows is also so peaceful. Step outside into yours and feel the calm of Mother Nature doing her winter thing.

Inside my indoor jungle is doing pretty well. Amaryllis bulbs are blooming and so is a Christmas cactus. And someone forgot to tell one of my banana trees it’s winter. My lemon trees are limping along, it’s been tough keeping scale off of one.

Well that’s it for me for today.

Happy gardening. Dream of spring.

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