planting the last plants of 2021

Today I planted the last plants of 2021. Two young umbrella magnolias and a bayberry. All from a favorite resource, Go Native Tree Farm out of Lancaster, PA.

The umbrella magnolias are understory trees, so they were planted right at the edge of the woods where the shade beds meet the woods. The soil in the woods right there was surprisingly dry, I will add.

I also checked what I had planted previously, as I try to reforest our woods a little bit each year. The work that Umar Mycka’s crews did earlier this season removing not only poison ivy, but invasives as well really helped and I could see a tremendous difference.

Birdbaths that don’t go into the basement and have had their tops flipped over got covered. And I did more trimming.

My husband and stepson blew the leaves that have fallen into the flower beds. We do this every fall, and in the spring the new mulch goes on top of the leaves. That way you just keep enriching the soil.

It was a pretty and crisp day in the garden. Thanks for stopping by.

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