survey says: it’s march

Inside my greenhouse are plants I bought on Friday when it was around 50° and sunny.

Yesterday first it rained, then it sleeted , then it snowed. And overnight it went down to God knows what temperature, only it was cold.

I woke up this morning and realized, I wasn’t getting my day of mulching until enough snow melts. Right now it’s 27° outside and my greenhouse, fortunately, is much warmer according to my thermometer. So I won’t be opening up my greenhouse anytime soon so the heat stays in. My little greenhouse is not heated.

It’s hard to believe that it was so nice and warming up on Friday and sunny and I was in giant greenhouses full of baby green plants! I was up at Black Creek Greenhoises which is in East Earl, PA. It is Amish run so they are not open on Sundays. Same for Mennonite businesses. It is best to go during the week and it’s heavenly to be there because all you see are plants! Saturdays are a zoo.

The other thing about Black Creek the has probably the friendliest staff anywhere. I only got a few plants. I bought three more Hellebore, three different purple clematis (my husband likes purple), and a couple more garden peonies.

I am ready to start my seeds, only I have to cool my jets for about another week I think. That seems to be the general consensus between my friends and myself. And I also asked one of the Amish ladies up at Black Creek if they had started their seeds yet and they said no another week. In addition to my seeds I am also going to be starting onion sets and long rectangular grow bags on my deck. I will start them in the greenhouse first though.

But after being up at Black Creek I am so ready to garden! I have been doing some things in my garden. I have started tidying up some of the beds and cutting back dead leaves and stems on things. I also had some tree work done, but that will be another post by itself.

March in Pennsylvania is always unpredictable. This could be the last snow, except it could be one of those winters where it’s not the last snow and we could have snow up until April. And now that we are in climate change for real, you just don’t know.

Before the snow really got going yesterday I did get to do one special thing. I got to pick the first of the early daffodils that had opened. And all the ones which are sticking their heads up, will be completely fine with a little snow blanket. A lot of them will start blooming this week. I encourage people to plant bulbs that open a different times in the spring.

I also got some great bird photos the past couple of days, so I will be sharing those at some point as well because birds are such a big part of your garden.

Happy snowy Sunday!

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