she stooped to….garden

This morning I watched the last episode for 2019 of BBC Gardeners’ World. I just love this show! Monty Don and his gardening chums are the best and I always learn something! But it makes me realize that soon I will merely be tending to the indoor jungle for a few months.

Yesterday I put away the bird baths that aren’t winter hardy, and today I emptied most of the pots. The herbs that will overwinter went into flower beds. The annuals and herbs that won’t make it, went into a compost pile. The soil from the pots got added to flower beds and soon I will start adding shredded leaf mulch.

One of my favorite flower pots literally broke into two as I was getting chives out of it. It was this terra-cotta face pot that I got up in East Earl, PA which is in Lancaster County at Black Creek Greenhouses. I broke the pot up for pot shards for next year and I will just have to get a new one when friends and I make a spring pilgrimage to Black Creek once March hits

I also trimmed some pussy willows that were growing into a dogwood tree so it was an unavoidable pruning job. I don’t like to trim them this time of year because they have set their buds for the early spring. But a couple of these plants were just so huge that they just had to get trimmed.

I planted a big sack of fritillaria as a border between the edge of a flower bed and the grass. It will give a nice swath in the spring of the nodding heads of little checkered looking flowers.

I still have daffodils and other things to plant. And I also have two more witch hazel coming that will need to be planted. overall today was definitely a day of gardening chores.

My front walk looks practically naked with all the pots emptied and in the garage for the winter. I’m already thinking of combinations for next spring. I really liked having salvias in the pots this year along with the scented geraniums.

What I really wish I could do is put a potting shed / “she shed” somewhere in the back. But it would have to go into the woods and except for one spot at the edge of the garden before the woods begin in earnest, I can’t think of a spot that would work. And I definitely do not think it could be electrified it would just have to be a shed with potting benches. Something to garden dream about.

Happy gardening!