the end of october

It’s almost Halloween and I have a lot to get done in garden. Pruning, tidying up, bulb planting, and two more shrubs need to go into the shade and woodland garden.

Above is the last trug of bulbs to plant. I planted another trug of bulbs a couple of weeks ago. I had wanted to try to plant some bulbs in outdoor pots but upon researching decided I can’t. I don’t have pots big enough where there would be enough soil to insulate them from becoming winter popsicles.

Also left to be planted are two beautiful witch hazels called “Strawberries and Cream”. They will bloom mid to late winter and will have yellow spidery blooms with soft red centers. They came from Rare Find Nursery.

I was introduced to witch hazels by a native plant grower I know years ago – Catherine Renzi from Yellow Springs Farm. I was introduced to witch hazels again by horticulturalist and garden author, Jenny Rose Carey of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society. Jenny has used witch hazels in her landscape of her home garden, Northview Gardens.

Between both of these ladies I have learned a lot about shade and woodland gardens and gardening with native plants. Now I can’t get enough of them!

Yesterday’s rain brought down a ton of leaves. They are next on the list to be dealt with. They will provide leave mulch and winter blankets for all of the flower beds. And no, I do not rake them up in the spring, I allow them to continue to break down.

Fall gardening will lead to winter garden dreaming. Winter garden dreaming will lead to spring, and the cycle of garden life will begin anew.

Happy gardening.