hey bbc! americans deserve to see monty don’s american gardens!!!

There are many legions of Monty Don fans in the US. I am but one of them.

So needless to say, we were all excited that Sir Monty was coming to the US to visit and film our gardens. Chanticleer, Longwood, Monticello, Middleton Place, Magnolia, Bunny Mellon’s gardens and more. From coast to coast.

This is airing in the UK, but not here in the US! These are our beloved garden treasures yet we can only get glimpses via YouTube.

I tweeted at Sir Monty and he did respond:

So I decided to write an email to the BBC to ask them when we could see our US gardens reflected through our favorite UK gardener’s eyes. About a week later, I got a reply:

Oh come on!!! BBC I appreciate the response BUT! These are our gardens and I (like many others) was so excited that gardens in the US were filmed so extensively.

I will admit freely I tried (and failed) to get invited to observe the filming at Chanticleer in Wayne. PA. How could I not try? One of my favorite gardens, and an inspirational British gardener?

Come on BBC! We want to stream Monty Don’s American Gardens! These are amazing gardens right here in the US and our gardening history and heritage!

Something that really struck me about this series is captured in a recent article in The Telegraph UK:

What you see above are three screenshots of the article which is so worth reading in it’s entirety because he speaks the truth. I was embarrassed as an American gardener to read this, but he’s not wrong. I know people think I am off my rocker for spending so much time gardening.

Here in the US, we need more actual gardeners, not just people to do it for us. People need to get out there and dig in the dirt and get their hands dirty. I can’t wait to dig into physical therapy post-knee surgery because it means I am that much closer into getting back into my garden.

So listen? If Monty Don wants to see an American garden where the homeowner actually gets her hands dirty and gardens and will bore people all day long about her garden, visit me! I am inspired by UK gardens and gardeners among others like the late Suzy Bales and UK transplant Jenny Rose Carey. It’s very much my garden but a lot of what I have learned has in part come from those whom I have studied and who inspire me.

In the midst of sprawling over-development in this country, and in many of these places home owners associations actually prohibit individuals from gardening I think it’s important for people to be reintroduced to a lot of these gardens, and streaming it on TV would do that.

So please BBC, get our beloved national treasures of gardens and unusual open spaces streaming! We need to see Monty Don’s American Gardens!