bulbs for spring planting

This catalog. Amazing heirloom bulbs and tubers. I planted all those daffodil bulbs from them in the fall and have decided to try some heirloom lilies in the spring:
  • Annette Daylily (1945)
  • Luxury Lace Daylily (1959)
  • Coral Lily (1812)
  • Uchida Lily (1960)
  • Gold Band Lily (1862)
Now Gold Band Lily is one I am excited to try because it was known as the “Queen of the Lilies” in Victorian gardens. It likes acid soil so I will plant it near some azaleas I am thinking. Below is a photo I found on the Internet. If you are an avid gardener and haven’t yet discovered Old House Gardens, check them out. They offer high quality bulbs and tubers and they are also a wonderful company to learn from. Heirloom plants are as important as native plants in my opinion.

Dreaming of spring…..