no blaspheming in the garden, the deer and squirrels are delicate flowers

So there are things that occasionally make me curse. Take exhibit “A” for example above.

Everything is a squirrel buffet these days. Which means I’m adding red pepper flakes to the birdseed sometimes. But what is not a squirrel buffet is a deer buffet.

Last night I reached my limit. I went to put stuff in the kitchen and I turned the outside lights on and there’s a herd of deer, or a partial herd of deer, right in my precious woodland shade beds. Five of them who just blinked at me when I went outside. I actually had to chase them off.

So I said on social media God damn deer and God damn overdevelopment. Because without one you wouldn’t have the other. 

Well you would’ve thought I used extraordinarily foul language. Because I said that I had people messaging me Bible verses and telling me I am a bad person. And then there were the people who said I was incredibly self-centered.

Nice, right? This is why I find interacting with nature in my garden even when it pisses me off preferable to dealing with people at times.

I’m sorry if they believe that you can’t blaspheme in your own garden, or about things occurring in your garden, and that the deer are delicate flowers, but really? I am supposed to don a Scarlet Letter here?

When you work so hard in your garden and you look outside and it is a salad bar for deer all of a sudden I challenge you not to say worse than what I said, or even think it.

So I reordered my Plant Skydd and I will have to be more vigilant. And that stuff is super stinky but I think it’s the most effective in the winter.

And I am sick of the development because it does affect things like my garden because they are just mowing down forest and field for rows of plastic houses where you can’t even garden most of the time if you wanted to. Yes these new developments might have some patches of lawn but they are so full of chemical additives that there’s really nothing natural about it. And I’m saying that is someone who does use chemicals in her garden occasionally and judiciously. Like for spotted lantern fly, which also induces occasional cursing.

So other topics: the indoor jungle. I had an orchid who committed suicide, and a friend gifted me a trio of amaryllis bulbs they no longer wanted. I also bought my little citrus trees plant lights.

Also very important? New red moccasins are a must for this Nightgown Gardener! So signing off for now!

xoxo the blasphemer