up in the trees

We have some really big trees. The biggest of the trees are predominately majestic oaks. This is the one I call Mama Oak. I thought she was a plain old red oak but apparently she’s a black oak.

Mama Oak is a giant size and every couple of years needs to get trimmed. I am so happy with our arborists because they have champion climbers which means we are not renting a giant crane, they can climb up the big trees. Climbing like this is an art form. It’s a skilled labor with amazing strength and grace. That’s not to say that all tree work can be done without a crane, because sometimes it is sadly unavoidable.

We will have tree trimming work done in the winter when it can be done because you often get it at a discount in the winter and it’s good also because the trees are dormant.

We do routine pruning because preventative maintenance helps your trees. It also helps you as a homeowner. The better shape your trees are in, the better your chances of getting through bad storms as far as breakage goes.

Why? Because you are removing dead and damaged limbs. I like to coexist with our woods. You have to prune your perennials and your shrubs, so don’t neglect your trees.

When I or my husband are choosing service providers to do work on our home or outside our home as is the case with the arborists, we don’t use price as the first factor.  We do not choose something because it’s the least expensive or the most expensive. We choose based on we want good people. It’s where we call home.

We are very happy with our arborists. They are neither the most expensive or the least expensive. We chose them for their skill set.

We used to have this amazing arborist who was a small operation. He was an able and proficient climber and knew his trees. He was picky about trees in ways I completely appreciated. But he suffered an injury and then moved so we had to find other arborists.

When we first moved into our current house we used a local tree company because we just needed some dead trees pulled out of our woods immediately that were dangerous. This was the lesson of using the least expensive. The trees were felled but the wood was not cut up the way we had asked. (We have a wood stove and while my husband does the splitting, we ask that what is trimmed or felled to be cut to specific lengths to make the splitting easier.) I still look at the “after” of that job years later and shake my head.

After our arborist who was injured (not on our property, incidentally) had moved away, we tried a larger company one time. They were not bad but they were expensive and we paid them to cable this very tree we had trimmed today. They “cabled” it with a nylon braided line that would never help this tree and first good wind storm and the “cable” was blowing around.

Then we found the company we use now. Treemendous Tree Care. They are the nicest people and when you have trees as tall as ours and a lot of them, you really appreciate a company like this.

Real arborists, safe climbers who are champion climbers. They know their trees and shrubs and they care about the properties on which they work.

I get nothing for paying it forward and recommending them. People seem to not understand that. I am telling people because I trust them and am pleased with their work.

It’s always good to find the right fits for your property. These guys suit us. They also appreciate the birds in our woods and are always interested in what I am planting. They have helped me identify mystery trees and shrubs like a Russian Olive and a Pignut Hickory. One time they even helped me hang a flying squirrel house because it has to go pretty far up.

Today, one of the crew thanked me for allowing them to climb Mama Oak. That right there is where I will leave this post. We don’t meet enough genuine people like that in this world. For people like this I am grateful.

Happy weekend!