climate change is causing havoc in my garden

Look above. You see that bud? That’s one of my English roses it’s supposed to be dormant now.

See that? That bud is on one of my beloved tree peonies. That’s definitely not supposed to be showing buds now.

And also peeking through my layer of leaves and leaf mulch everywhere ? Daffodils. This one I am pretty sure is butter and eggs which is an heirloom bulb and I don’t know how it will react to freezing again.

This my friends, is climate change. This is the thing the politicians will tell you doesn’t exist. I say look no further than your own garden and you can see how very much it exists.

In my garden it’s crazy what is budding now. I am most concerned about my hydrangeas and my roses. Especially my roses. They need this time to go dormant and it also kills a lot of the pests that plague them.

That photo above with my clippers shows a cane I just had to remove from one of my David Austin roses. A climbing rose called The Generous Gardener. If you notice the cane is hollow and soft. Borers . I have never treated my roses for pests in the middle of winter before. It’s maddening.

We have to be better stewards of our environment because we’re killing it. And for all the sweat equity we put into our beautiful gardens down the road will it be worth it? I think what we’re going to see over the next few years as an adapt or die for our plants.

It’s 54° outside today. That is not normal. It’s February.

So while I am thrilled for a beautiful sunny day, I wish temperature-wise it was seasonally appropriate.

The last bit of proof I have the climate change is real? The last photo in this post. Rosemary. The herb rosemary is supposed to be a tender perennial in zone 6A.  in other words, it should be dead by now.

Check out this article in Forbes on the topic.


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