the day the bluebirds came back

The bluebirds came back today. A dreary and wet rainy day, and I looked out the window and there they were. I ran for my camera. They are good garden omens. They were joined by cardinals who are ever present.

I love my birds. The Carolina Wrens were frolicking too, but they were too quick for me and my camera today. But the snow drops were happy to pose in the rain.

And whether or not we are ready for it, spring seems to be headed our way. Be warned the ticks and other bug pests did not have a necessary winter freeze. This will be a bad bug, disease, and weed year. Poison ivy never really bid us adieu either.

The indoor jungle soldiers on. An amaryllis opened and an orchid died. The cycle of garden life. The Christmas cactus is blooming again too.

But today? Today was about the bluebirds. Seeing them on a rainy, dark day was almost poetic it was so beautiful.

Garden on!

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